J G. Services was established in 2015 by Jordan Griffiths. A completely independent business that we have built on quality work @ very competitive rates. We understand that the commercial sector cannot stand still and do whatever is needed to keep you mobile at all times. As a support service, we always try to give the ultimate service. Although we try to be a fast and reliable service, safety is of paramount importance to us and will never be compromised. We would like to go forward and grow our business with our customers. We think the way to do this is to provide you with the maintenance service you have always wanted. If this sounds like this is the service for you, then please call us to discuss your needs whether it is a call out service, all car repairs, engine replacements, vehicle remapping, 24/7 vehicle recovery and roadside assistance, accident site road closures, truck inspections, truck services @ regular intervals, trailer structural repairs, trailer fleet inspections & reports or any of the above services.